PADI 5-Star Dive Center!

Dive On It Scuba awarded PADI 5-Star Status!

That's right, we're Rhode Islands FIRST 5-Star PADI Dive Center!  Thanks to all our staff and divers for making this happen!   We had a little bit of a rocky start when we got going this time 2 years ago, but that hard work of all involved has paid off! We've got some great things lined up for this year including some really sweet dive trips (within driving distance!), new products and new training opportunities.   We'll be expanding our technical diving reach this summer as well as greatly expanding our offering of tech diving gear from Hollis and Apeks.

We're still on Winter hours for the next month or so.  But we intend that by the end of April we'll be back on Summer hours plus with any luck by the end of May or early June we'll be able to expand our hours a bit more on weekdays.



--Chris & Allison

Welcome to Winter 2019! :)

Brrr it's cold outside! (so lets go diving!)

Well it's finally getting really cold (and windy too it seems lately) outside.  Granted some of us think anything lower then 60 is 'cold' but we're finally seeing freezing days.   Many folks have hung up their wetsuits for the season and are keeping warm inside.  However, a handful of us are still diving!   It's a lot of fun in the winter.  Dives are shorter, planning becomes a bit more important and debates over diving when it's 30 vs 32 degress are abundant. 🙂

2019 is upon us and we've got a LOT of really cool things we're going to be doing this year.   More to come on that later this month after we get back from our Cozumel dive drip.   But one cool thing we're doing for new divers is changing some of how we discounted gear for new divers.  First we're dumping the $50 credit for buying your personal dive gear from us and instead giving you your snorkel for free if you buy the mask fins and booties along with an Open Water Scuba class!   So instead of having to buy a Mask, Fins, Boots, Snorkel & OW Class to get a $50 discount off the class, just buy the Mask, Fins Boots & OW Class and get your choice of Aqua Lung snorkel for free!

Also we're looking to expand the number of charters and trips we're running but we want your feedback!  Let us know where you want to go to dive in 2019! Give us a ring, send an email or facebook message or post on our page on Facebook.   Let us know what local dives sites you'd love to see us host local trips to as well as dive vacations.

More to come in early February, stay tuned here and more importantly our Facebook page as we do most of our updates there!

--Chris & Allison

November 9th News

News for November 9th 2017

It was an exciting week last week while Allison & Chris attended DEMA, the Dive Equipment and Marketing Association Trade Show in Orlando Florida.   We got to see a bunch of new products that are coming out for 2018 including some really cool Aqualung wetsuits, full-face snorkel masks, computers & their new Drycore Fusion drysuits.   We can't wait to get some of these new items in stock for you!   We also picked up a few things that will become our first Black Friday deals! 🙂

While there Chris attended the service technician class for the Hollis Prism Rebreather.   That allows us to now officially do minor repairs and all maintenance on most models of the Prism & Prism 2 rebreathers. 

Allison learned all about PADI's upcoming My PADI Club as well as some exciting changes to how forms & waivers can be handled for our students (much less paper!!).

We also became a dealer for Doc's Proplugs and will have our first shipment of this spiffy "dive friendly" ear plugs arrive next week. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page & this site for more news as it happens. 🙂  We are working to carry some additional gear lines and some new products from our existing lines in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.


--Chris & Allison


  • Aqualung's new, ultralight Rogue BCD.

New Products & Winter Hours

New Products & Winter Hours

Sorry we haven't updated the website much lately.   Most of our info is posted on Facebook these days as it appears many divers prefer that over old-fashioned websites. 🙂 

That being said, don't forget to check out our Facebook page at:

So, what's new?  Well we've got a lot more stuff in the shop now!  Over the summer we put quite a bit of effort into making sure that  we have items in stock that divers need right away.   We're now carrying the RinseKit pressurized rinse system, Shearwater Dive Computers,  as well as a ton of other accessories, tools and fun stuff! 

The new line of Aqua Lung dive knives are in as well.  These new knives are great!  3 sizes to choose from in Stainless or Titanium.  

We know the dive season is starting to wind down here in New England, but don't let that stop you from diving!  Many of our divers at Dive On It dive year round and we can help with that!  We offer Drysuits from DUI, OMS & Aqua Lung.   Buy a DUI suit from us in October or November and get either $50 off any new stock sized suit, or $100 off any new, signature custom sized suit.    Once November hits we'll be on our Winter Hours till March, but we'll still be open 5 days a week!   Beginning November 6th the shop will be open Thursday - Sunday and closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.  Our hours on Monday & Thursday will be 4pm - 8pm, Fridays 3pm-7pm and 9am-3pm on weekends. 

Also, we'll be closed from November 1st thru the 5th to attend the Dive Equipment & Marketing Association annual convention in Orlando, FL.  

Policies regarding old DiveOnIt INC Customers

DiveOnIt INC Customers

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that while we're trying to make sure all former DiveOnIt Scuba Supply (DiveOnIt, Inc) customers are well taken care of, we may not be able to handle every situation.   ScubaTrainors, LLC did NOT purchase the original business "DiveOnIt, Inc" nor the sole-proprietorship DiveOnIt Scuba Supply that existed after the revocation of DiveOnIt, Inc's corporate status in 2014.   We entered into an agreement with the landlord to take over the retail space, then purchased select fixtures & assets from the former owners of the shop.  We chose to keep the name "Dive On It Scuba" to allow customers to find us easily and know that some of the former instructors were now operating the shop.  We also became custodian of records for PADI divers certified thru DiveOnIt, Inc & DiveOnIt Scuba Supply (for the records on-hand and available at the 1000 Mendon Road location).

If you have a prepaid class, equipment owed or gift card issues by DiveOnIt INC/DiveOnIt Scuba Supply prior to March 2017 please contact us at the shop to see how we may be able to help.

If you have left equipment or tanks to be serviced prior to March 2017 we may have it on hand.  However, some items such as cylinders or regulators may have been out for service at other locations.  We're still trying to track down what's going on with those items.

If you have an air card purchased prior to March 2017, we will honor one card (9 fills maximum) per customer until June 30th 2017. 

Any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 



--Allison & Chris

A new shop & New Owners, coming soon!

Welcome to the new Dive On It Scuba web page.

You were probably looking for the old DiveOnIt Scuba Supply page. As most folks know, the shop itself has been closed since November. However as of March 2017, DiveOnIt, under the ownership of Matthew & Jerika Verrier has ceased to be a going concern. While Matthew and Jerika had hoped to reopen this spring, they decided it was in their best interest to close permanently.

That being said, a couple of folks who had worked with DiveOnIt over the past few years didn't want the dive community in Northern Rhode Island and South East Massachusetts lose out on a convenient and helpful dive shop and training facility. An arrangement was made by ScubaTrainors, LLC with DiveOnIt's landlord to take over the retail space and also with the former shop owners Matthew and Jerika to utilize the DiveOnIt name & PADI affiliation.

Right now we're working on acquiring inventory, rental gear & equipment to have the new shop open by April 1st. Keep an eye on this page for more details and we hope you'll come check us out when we open the doors once again!

--Chris & Allison