Project AWARE Special

2 Specialty Classes - $79!

Help save the ocean!
Become an AWARE Diver!

Classroom Date: Dec 14th 1 - 5:30pm
Open Water Date (For Dive Against Debris): Dec 21st (weather tentative)

Do you know what really borks my buoyancy?  Seeing trash in the ocean while diving!  Lately it's been real bad at some of our most visited dive sites.  So we decided that this year we're going to try to get as many folks involved as possible at making a difference.

Sign up for our Project AWARE & Dive Against Debris classes for only $79!

That's right, this Black Friday weekend we're offering BOTH classes for $79!   Get in on these classes happening in December and learn about ocean conservation as well as Project AWAREs program to remove & track trash found in the ocean.
If you're tracking to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver these specialties count tword the 5 required specialties needed to obtain MSD!
Once we're done with the classroom sessions we'll schedule a nice "refreshing" dive the following weekend at Fort Wetheril to clean up the bottom a bit!

Stop in the shop or Sign Up ONLINE!

Want to help even more?  

Donate $20 to Project AWARE and both of your certification cards will be customized with an underwater scene & AWARE Logo.

Donate $35 or more and get the custom cards PLUS a Project AWARE Dive Against Debris mesh collection bag.

Donate $150 or more, get all of the above plus a Dive On It Scuba Air Card good for up to 10 air fills in 2020!  (or half off up to 10 tank rentals if you don't own tanks)

All donations are tax deductible and passed on directly to Project AWARE.  Dive On It will bear any fees for credit card payments for these donations.