COVID-19 Update

So we've seen the emails from nearly everyone we've ever encountered online lately and decided it was time to post our own.   While we've been taking precautions lately to prevent the spread, we didn't feel it was necessary to actually publish much about what we are doing till now.  Most of our customers are cautious enough where if they're sick, or have been in contact with someone who may be exposed they'll stay away from the public.

That being said, we are now going to implement some more stringent procedures to help protect you and ourselves from the further spread of this virus.   Beginning immediately we're going to ask, for obvious reasons that customers no longer loiter & hang-out around the shop.  That's hard for us to ask obviously because we're such a social shop and we always encourage our friends to hang around with us.  But, hopefully it'll be back to normal soon enough (if you keep washing your hands, stop touching your face and no licking doorknobs)

Furthermore, the following protocols are now in place at the shop:

  1. No more then 1 customer group at a time (maximum 2 persons) will be allowed in the shop.
  2. If someone else is inside, please wait by your car till they exit before entering.
  3. When picking up or dropping off items for service or fills please pre-label your gear and enter the shop.  We'll take care of any paperwork quickly and let you be on your way.
  4. If getting air fills, please drop off the tanks inside, settle up, then wait in your vehicle for the fill to be completed.  We'll bring the cylinders out to you when ready.  (Nitrox & Trimix fills are overnight, so we'll co-ordinate pickup with you at that time).
  5. If looking to purchase a specific item, let us know and we'll get it for you.  Ideally, send us an email or call ahead of time and we'll get it ready.
  6. When inside the shop,  you'll be restricted to just the entrance way and directly in front of the counter.  Yellow 'caution' tape is being setup to show you where you can be.    Apologies, but we're no longer allowing public use of the restroom.  (mostly because if we run out of TP at home, we're raiding the shop supply)
  7. And hopefully obviously: If you have been exposed to, or live with someone who was exposed to COVID-19, please stay home. 🙂 We also request that if you have traveled via air or public transportation within the past 2 weeks to avoid the shop as well.

Please stay within the area pictured while in the shop.  No more then 2 persons at a time (1 customer group) inside the shop.

please stay within the marked area
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