COVID-19 Update November 2020

Just to give everyone an update.   As the winter comes into play and seasonal illnesses rise as well as COVID-19 issues start to kick up, we'll be closely monitoring government guidelines to maintain our staff & customers safety.

As preventative measures we've taken in addition to the standards set by the RI Dept. of Health, we have recently installed MPR2500/MERV14 Smart filters (Bluetooth monitored) as well as a UV-C sanitizing light in our HVAC system.    We have also placed a HEPA rated Air purifier with UV-C light sanitizing system in our classroom.   With these upgrades to the facilities we should be providing greatly increased filtration of any particles in the air that may cause disease transmission.

We also ask that folks use the provided hand sanitizer when entering the shop and especially before touching or trying on any products.   Also, any products such as masks, wetsuits, etc. that you try out and decide not to purchase, please do NOT put back on the shelf.  Give it to a staff member so we can properly disinfect it before putting it back.

If you are feeling ill, or have a fever please do not enter the shop.

You may also call us in advance to handle known purchases and we can deliver purchases/airfills/etc directly to your vehicle so you don't have to come in if you'd like.

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