COVID19 Update – Dec 2021

Covid-19 Updates for December 2021 - January 2021

The gift that keeps on giving.   🙁

With the new outbreaks of the various variations of COVID-19 the State of Rhode Island has placed additional restrictions with the hope of slowing down the spread of the virus.

That being said, we are now required to have our customers prove their COVID vaccination status if they don't want to wear a mask while at the shop.

So, if you'd like to wear a mask, cool!   We won't judge.

If you don't want to wear a mask, Cool... BUT!  You gotta show us your proof of current COVID vaccination.

If you don't want to show us proof, Cool... BUT!  You gotta wear a mask while in the store.


Our staff are all fully vaccinated, so they may not be wearing masks.   If this makes you uncomfortable, then please mask up for your protection.


RI Covid-19 information can be found here: